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At She Fitness we’re committed to helping women from all ages and fitness levels achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than watching our members transform their bodies, gain more self-confidence, and make friends with like-minded women.

She Fitness was founded by Richie Garard in 2008. He wanted to create a bootcamp company that provided women with the opportunity to change their bodies and their lives, while actually enjoying their workouts and learning to love exercise.

We’re more than just a fitness class or bootcamp. We are, first and foremost, a community. And we’re all here to support each other, enjoy incredibly effective workouts that get results, and most of all, have fun!

She Fitness is about “Making Strong Women Stronger’, and we’ve seen hundreds of women meet and exceed their fitness and weight loss goals.
These days most women are short on time. Whether you’re working full-time, a full-time mum, or both, you probably don’t have hours to devote to the gym and need flexibility in your schedule.

This is why our sessions are aimed at working every muscle in your body in just 45 minutes as well as giving you access to a number of bootcamp sessions across all locations. That way, you can find a session time that works best for your busy schedule and get on with your day while still getting all of the benefits of exercise, including a great endorphin rush, serious fat-burning, and weight loss.

We’re ready to help you transform your body and your life. All you need to do is show up, and our experienced, industry-leading personal trainers will inspire and motivate you to push yourself,personal training 2 while remaining both friendly and supportive.

Men and women have very different bodies and goals. Our bootcamps are completely tailored for women so our members see and feel results with stronger, firmer and leaner arms, butt, thighs and abs.

No two sessions are ever the same and we pride ourselves on variety so you never get bored and they keep your body guessing with a mix of cardio, boxing, stretching, abs and core workouts and weight training.