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personal training 1If you’re looking for some extra support, accountability or need some help getting motivated, personal training could be the answer for you.

Along with individualised assessments and training programs, we also provide a foundational session which includes goal setting, nutritional coaching, and fitness and body assessments.

We ensure that you receive hands on guidance and support in your personalised sessions, so you can avoid injury and learn how to perform each exercise with perfect form.

Our expert personal trainers are the best in the industry, and know exactly which exercises will help you burn fat, lose weight, strengthen your body and tone your muscles.

Nutrition Advice

As the saying goes, ‘You can’t out run a bad diet’ and while it’s great to work out and exercise, 80% of your results come from your food and nutrition choices.

While it’s great to work out, to truly see results we also need to watch what we eat. That’s why our personal training program focuses heavily on nutrition and provides you with the education and accountability you need so you can fast track your results and also learn what are the right foods to eat, what quantities and what to buy when doing the groceries so you can learn healthy habits, and lose weight much faster than with just exercise alone.

Is Personal Training for you?

personal training 2We understand that not everyone likes to exercise in a group setting, and some women prefer to receive one-on-one attention.

This can be especially helpful for those who haven’t exercised in some time, along with women who are trying to tone up before their wedding, new mums, or anyone aiming to make a lifestyle change.

The best part about personal training? It’s completely personal. That means all sessions are designed for your needs and goals and also take into account your level of fitness, timeframe, and lifestyle.

It can also be an excellent first option for women who would like to move into the group bootcamp classes, but want to work on their fitness and technique before they work out with others.

Best of Both Worlds – Weekly Personal Training + Unlimited Bootcamp

We offer our Premium Membership for those that are serious about reaching their goal and fast tracking their results! This consists of: 1x weekly one-on-one personal training session plus access to unlimited bootcamp sessions at your location.

If you follow our advice, work hard, and give 100% at each session, we can guarantee that you’ll see some incredible results. If you’re looking to make a change this year, and want a supportive, motivational environment with some of the best trainers in the industry, email us today with what you’re looking to achieve and how often you’re looking at training so we can get back to you with more information.

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