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She Fitness has developed the NEAR principles and we believe that good nutrition builds the foundation needed for great results.

Nutrition. Control your destiny.  Diet accounts for 70% of your results, by focussing on your nutrition you will achieve your goal. By getting the balance of macro nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fats right, you will have more energy, be more resilience to illness, and feel incredible.  Make it easy by kick starting your metabolism and have it working flat out throughout the day.

Education. Knowledge is power. By learning what foods to eat and when you will be able to maintain your healthy weight for good.  By understanding how much of each food group to consume you will be able to stay healthy and fit.  Maximise you development by grasping the function of different foods in the body.

Activity level. Participating in regular physical activity keeps people fit, strong, and minimises the risks of injury, illness and disease. By having a diet scientifically matched to your body and activity level you will be able to propel your physical and mental condition to a level you didn’t think possible.

Readiness. You’ll know when you’re ready to make your life better because you’ll be looking into making the right choices for your mind, body and soul.

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